Off-Road Business Association- Fred Wiley

The Off-Road Business Association (ORBA) is an international trade association. The ORBA membership consists of companies that sell, service and manufacture off road products. ORBA’s primary function is to facilitate the use of this equipment on public and private land where appropriate.

A Not For Profit Corp doesn’t always have an unlimited budget, so many of the necessary areas of a business plan are difficult to properly fund through full time staff. Through an independent contractor process this allows ORBA to accomplish its business strategy.

Carrera Performance Group has fulfilled all of goals set  in the ORBA business plan. We are now well into the second year of this working agreement and conducting planning meetings to set and accomplish our next set of goals.

Carrera Performance Group has gone out of its way to provide timely, professional and cost effective. It is also important to point out that the staff is courteous and represents clients is a positive manor.

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Off-Road Business Association



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