Off Road Business Association

The Off-Road Business Association, Inc. (ORBA) is a professional trade association composed of off-road related businesses united to promote common goals that support the prosperity and growth of the off-road industry. ORBA makes decisions and takes actions that maintain and expand off-highway vehicle recreation opportunuites. ORBA works closely with its partner organizations on  local, statel and federal issues that have potential impacts to the off-road industry. ORBA is dedicated to making it possible for the OHV indusrty to have a voice in land use issues.

Many industries have trade associations that protect their interests. The off-road business industry has ORBA!

When ORBA decided it needed a Public Relations and Marketing Partner is looked to the Carrera Performance


Group, LLC. In the first 12 months Carrera Performance Group ha stopped its downward industry participation and rebounded its overall membership. Carrera Performance Group identified short comings in the trade associations practices, created a business plan, helped re-align its Board of Directors. Today the Trade association is financially solvent,  and regaining its position as the leader in OHV access issues. Carrera performance Group is involved in the daily management and political activism. Carrera Performance Group publishes its monthly newsletter as well as various Press releases, and generates copy for a number of publications for ORBA. Carrera Performance Group manages the social media and website for ORBA as well.

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