International Side X Side Association

The International Side X Side Association (ISA) promotes recreational, and racing opportunities for the UTV industry. ISA seeks to foster advancement of an international safety standard, points system, and guidelines for UTV event promoters and enthusiasts worldwide. ISA promotes awareness of land use issues, education, and the responsible use of our public lands in a family friendly environment.

Carrera Performance Group provides management services with its partner Golden Spike Media to the ISA. Carrera Performance Group was the lead developer of the extensive competition rules and regulations, as well as the author of its Articles of Incorporation. In 2013 Carrera Performance Group will begin Marketing the Not for Profit as we expect approval from the State of California to be finalized.

You can download the ISA competition rules and regulations here


Carrera Performance Group can produce comprehensive rule and class structure for most racing applications.


For more information on the ISA please visit the ISA Website


In October 2012 Carrera Performance Group will produce the First ISA Convention in California. The event sponsored by will take place in Nyland California at the Glamis North Hot springs Campground.




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