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Marketing in today’s changing landscape requires a continued study of how to create effective brand awareness. Technology is moving as fast as web connections will allow, and getting in front of your target audience has shifted the power from large marketing firms to allowing a large portion of the work to be done in house or by specialized contractors. The down side of today’s freedom is that every member of your team is a representative of your brand, and in some cases, anyone wearing an image that is associated with your trademark will be representative of your company. Carrera Performance Group looks to offer long term solutions to creating your brand. In most cases once a program is in place the company can continue the maintenance of the program in house. Our creative team can assist you in product releases, brand development, web site development, SEO, CPC, social media campaigns, and strategic partnerships. Carrera Performance Group has access to¬† brand ambassadors with a focus on Off Road Motorsports. We can create embedded content for the web, film, and a number of publications, as well as position your company with the titans of the off road industry.

Sponsorship | We Can Help You Maximize Your Investment

Our experience on both sides of the sponsorship relationship provide a unique opportunity to develop sponsorship relationships that perform. Carrera Performance Group can create a strategic plan for your sponsorship program. No matter if you are a multimillion dollar publicly traded company, or a start up let us guide you to the winners circle.

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