Hole Shot Management

The Hole Shot is everything on the race track, and in business there are no trophies for second place. Carrera Performance Group can manage a number of aspects of your race to the finish line, and help put your on the podium. Complete turn key management and development of strategic plan creation, short and long term solutions, and budget creation. With 15 years experience as CEO of two growth companies, Jeff Knoll is well aware of the difficulties associated with business and its day to day operations. Let Carrera Performance Group enhance your team, and put your company on the path to success. We have a winning track record of beating expectations. In 2011 we helped turn the tide with the Off Road Business Association (ORBA) falling membership. Our short term strategy help stabilize the non profit trade association’s falling membership numbers, and within 18 months the long term goals had started to take hold strengthening the over position of the association in the market place. Today the Association is the leader in OHV activism.

With three successful start ups and experience as Director of Marketing at a Fortune 500 we have learned that process and planning is paramount to long standing business success. We specialize in written procedures and processes. With out a clearly defined plan your business is not leaving a path you can revisit. Become more han an employee of your company, and let us help you develop a written business or marketing plan.


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