RallyVenture Vehicles don't need to be hardcore.

RallyVenture Sweepstakes | Entry Level Participation For the Whole Family

July 15-19, 2015  Nugget Casino Reno Nevada

New for 2015 is the RallyVenture Sweepstakes event. Chase the RallyVenture Challenge event to the most popular stage stops and participate in your own social media contest. Participants will benefit from all the hospitality with out the commitment to the full RallyVenture Challenge. Per person entry includes parties, and events as well as the opportunity to win prizes during the RallyVenture sweepstakes.

Participants will compete in 4 challenges along side the RallyVenture at historic and exciting locations in Northern Nevada. Using your smart phone you will use hashtags to enter in drawing for prizes at each stop. This event is not a race, and does not go off road. maps are provided to the next location at each stop. travel is on public roads. This is a great way to follow the RallyVenture and prepare for future events without the commitment.

RallyVenture requires multiple skill sets. Rallyventure Sweepstakes focuses on the Social Media aspect of the event and allows participants to learn how to use social media in the Rallyventure Format. To learn RallyVenture navigation we provide RallyVenture Skills Events.