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RallyVenture 2015 | Carrera Performance Group, LLC.

RallyVenture returns to Reno, Nevada July 15-19, 2015

RallyVenture™ is a social media integrated Jeep® and 4WD event like no other. Designed to engage participant’s social media followers, RallyVenture challenges the participants to locate and record specific items through navigation, photograph them and upload to social media platforms. Additionally RallyVenture introduces participants to new outdoor recreation activities, locations and historical points of interest promoting tourism and commerce. By design the social media integration boosts impressions for the event, participants, sponsors and geographical points of interest. Events are designed to accommodate the entire family while giving the adults an opportunity to enjoy the finer things. RallyVenture is limited to street legal, licensed and insured vehicles. Events are held in partnership with local tourism authorities, and utilize the hospitality industry of the event locations.



Slick Rock Dwellings

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How Do I Participate in RallyVenture?

Space is limited, but there are three ways to participate in 2015. RallyVenture Challenge, RallyVenture Sweepstakes and RallyVenture Skills. Industry partners are encouraged to contact us directly for details on our consumer branding opportunities. Jeff@carreraperformancegroup.com or 951 453-4035

A complete RallyVenture website is expected to launch in December 2014.

What is Social Media Integration?

RallyVenture is not a race, teams are awarded points through social media interactions. The 2014 RallyVenture proof of concept yielded over 4.6 million media impressions for hashtag use alone. RallyVentureInsights will show Facebook page engagement only for this single day event. Participants are encouraged to develop followers and share the RallyVenture experience promoting interest in the outdoor recreation lifestyle. For a better understanding of how teams interact with social media, please view our Keyhole Hashtag report. The report spells out details on our 4.6 million hashtag impressions.

Poison Spyder shares their 2014 RallyVenture proof of concept experience.







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