Media Services

Carrera Performance Group offers a wide selection of media services. Viral web campaigns, print services, commercial film and motion picture production, and studio photography  are some examples. Service prices are customer tailored, as we contract with multiple service providers based on location, time frame and specific needs.

Our email list is compartmentalized to target the audience you hope to reach.  With over 300 media-based emails, more than 500 race teams, 20 different race promoters, and an extensive vendor email list approaching 1000, we can reach the off-road industry leaders. We do not spam individual general interest email accounts with our client’s content; we establish dedicated lists for each customer, which we do not share.


To view an archive of the ORBA Newsletter created by Carrera Performance Group please visit:

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Print Services:

  • Periodic Email Newsletter Publishing
  • Product Reviews
  • Press Releases
  • Strategic Plans
  • Contract Drafts
  • Website Content

Media in Motion

Today’s marketplace is a visual world.  Web-based film can have as great an impact as television programming, when properly executed.  According to the Neilsen Agency, 18-34 year old males are more attentive online than on TV for the same programming, and web-based film yields a deeper brand impact.  Carrera Performance Group can help you leverage this rising trend in the marketplace.  Custom applications are tailored to your specific needs, but we have listed a very generic cost perspective here as a resource:

  • Music licensing rights typically cost between $50-$100 per song for generic music, dependent on source and intent of media.
  • Single point message with action orientated content, 30 seconds in length web-based non-broadcast range $500-$750. Broadcast prices vary on required formatting and intended use.
  • 1-minute (same details as above) $750-$1000, 2-minute (same details as above) $1000-$1250. A 5-minute clip is not necessarily 5 times more expensive and needs to be storyboarded for a price structure, as most film services.
  • Long term multiple message film clips as part of an advertising campaign are discounted.